As usual Salani expands tecnology borderlines in rowing world as it has been doing many times in the past.
The new coastal rowing single scull rappresents a starting point regarding research, development and security on board and most of all a new challenge faced by our staff which is ready to join the Coastal Rowing world.
The Coastal boat has been projected thanks the help of Marco Fabbi coastal rower and several times Italian Goldmedalist , who knows all aspects and functionings of coastal boats, and to the great experience and know-how of Leonardo and Elia Salani, owers of the yard. Togheter have trasmitted all inputs needed to Luca di Rosa America’s cup engeneer who thanks to his skills, has realized an excellence boat boat.

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The coastal project has been developmet around important goals:

  • HULL Jump to the eyes the particular design of the hull: It is possible see the thin bow and flat and large stern. The main goals, in planning project step, were minimizing the pitch, ecrinsing the balance and getting a better running on varius kind of sea waves. So we decided to design the hull with greater volumes at stern and a wave-piercing bow like the last catamarans modells in America’s Cup. The special bow shape, unique in its genre, permits less picth so a less drag. This kind of bow has excellent performances in windage going especially if the boat has to across awkward situation. The particular flat stern permits a good dinamic balance which reduces the BWL and drag against the waves. Moreover it grants a better controll of the boat on heavy sea.Better balance means better focus on strokes technic without care about heelings and speed losses. At the same time the boat can faces every kind of sea conditions.We are satisfaied of the way how boat sails on several sea consdition, from calm sea to heavy sea (sea state 6)
  • HULL STRUCTURE The sandwich of the hull grants a high stiffness and permitts a better trasmision of rower strenght to whole boat encrising its reactivity saving the rower’s energy. Salani staff and its coworker, highly specialized in composite working, have collaborated togher in plannig the assembly sistem of the hull (better information in Safety paragraph). The new hull assembling way allows to remain in weight limits rules and in the meanwhile stretchs the life cycle of the boat: it rapresents another point of streght as being a sea boat will be submitted to many stresses during its use.
  • SAFETY Actually there is a lot of misinformation in Coastal Rowing world about safety, since boat yards use to underline the performance sides of boats. Salani wants to be the first boatyard to invest resources in safety onboard coastal rowing boat.The safety Salani’s philosophy has covers several elements. In project step has been planned the subdivision of the hull in different volumes, unlinked between them. For this reason water infiltrations will not occur into the hull. Every compartment has dotated of small watertight door which allows their inspection. Another important feature regarding safety is the pulling point. It is situated at bow as FISA safety rules claim. Any protuberance are set at bow out the boat. Infact is composed by Spectra a strong and soft ring anchored to the boat structured directly: the innovation is the guarantee with sea rescue in cases of bow, rings and bollard crashing.
  • FITTINGS Fittings set up in the new Coastal Rowing series are the same of olimpics one.We talk about foot plates, tracks, oarlocks and watertight door. The foots plate has the strap belt on which are sewed soft seathes and an easy release foots way in case of overturning . The anodized aluminium wing rigger gives stiffnes and protection for scratches and corrosions caused by brakish enviroment. Salani grants the standards regolations of Olimpic series on Coastal Rowing series and quick release as optional to facilitate boat transports.

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