Dear rower, and everybody who love Rowing.
Has been a long time when Eastern Germany CCCP won WRC’s throught their rowing technical knomn in all over the world. Since that time many things has been changing and technology rules our life. Progress, evolution and technologies take part of our life and our society can’t do without them.
In this dinamic background rowing world changes too. Let’s think about rowing boats design: at the beginning designer used to draw boats by paper and pencil. Now they use high- tech softwer which help them in improving quality of boats.
The world is running very fast and we have the right to change with it if we want to pretend the best.
A rowing boat is not only carbon, kevlar, H-C or fittings. It is something more: it is rappresented by ideas, passion and design. Mathematics calculations or technical drawing arent enough for a good project: a good progect needs also of volition of improvign in everything and look forward to the future ever.
This is what we do at Salani boatyard.
The new Salani web site will allow us to be in touch with you in the best way as possible. It will make you informed about our news and it will be able to answer to everthing questions.
We will be partecinpant of your story, your offering and your victory. You coulf expedct on the collaboration of our high-qualified staff which put in rowing boats production competence anc passion.

We are so sorry if some page will be incomplete. We are going tocompleted them as soon as possible..

Kind regards

Leonardo Salani
Development of the new pre-peg carbon seat.

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