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“Deutschland uber alles” it doesn’t just rapresent the beginning of German hymn, but also an important market for Salani boatyard which sees its olimpic boats and gigs protagonist of races in Germany over 25 years . German rowers call “Ferrari Gig” for their speed on water.
Their points of strenght, than competitor ones, are top quality material, production processes (the same of olimpic class) and alluminium wing riggers which grant top performance on waves than the gigs with traditional riggers.
Salani has encrised the number of models thanks to new gig 3 seats convertible in 4 to get a larger gamma of gig boats
The hull is long 11,80 mt and it is composed by the same sandwich of the olimpic ones: the core is in honeycomb, internal skin in kevlar and external skin in carbon. Along the hull has many carbon reinforcements along both sides. High quality epoxy resins confer traction and compression endurance so that the cycle of life of the boat will be longer than standard ones.
The weight rower is 70-105 kg and the final weight of boat depends on the kind of model choosen.
The gigs set anodized alluminium wing rigger and are inclused of the 5rigger. The regualtions are the same of olympic class.
The foot plates and deep shoes are adjustable in long and deep. To facilitate its regolation has been choosen “heel flex” plate, the same of the ergo ones, becouse it grants easy way use, lightness (made by nylon fabrics) and versatility; moreover, Heel Flex permits to row with or without shoes.
Salani offers several optional package too. Each customer could customize the hull in each color he whishes and will be enough to communicate RAAL code and the staff can paint the boat as the customer whishes.
Another avaible optional it the reinforcement along the external hill what prevents serius damages to the hull when the boat runs on low water.
Salani cares a lot about safe during rowing. Locker are compartmentalized and linked each other thanks a tube set under the decks. Every locker is accessible thanks to the cap installed on the deck between the rails. In cases the water gets into the boat during running, the tube permit water flowing to stern to bow, preventing water storages in the middle of boat.
Other point of strenght about safe are unremovible covers fixed at stern and bow which prevent water invasions in case of ugly conditions. To access the cover are settled two large caps to the stern and bow bulkhead.
Salani gig are produced following a specific building procedure. In each procedure the responsable employee has to sign the phase time, raw material used and the date of work. This system permits boats tracciability, checking and monitoring costs end raw materials consumption. Moreover in case of production defect it is possible to find the phase defect in the procedure so customers cares are protect better also thanks to the 5 years warranty.

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