Save space, time and… coronary arteries!

“Could you give me the hex wrench please?”, Did you put the hex wrench in the tools bag?” we have missed all the hex wrench, can you go to Salani stand to ask if they could borrow one?”, “guys, pay … >>>

Make real your dreams!

The uniqueness is an ambition for many people, a goal for few people… Who better than the boat producer involved in rowing world since many years knows how important is offering an ultra performance … >>>

The new Salani bags are coming!

In 1975 AC\DC told us that if we aspire to the top, the way to reach is long! The new rigger bags represent the top-class regarding protection and safe for rowing riggers. They match whole Italian … >>>

Carbon Pegaso Silver-medalist at European Junior Champioship!

The young rower of Italian Federation Aurora Spirito wins an important silver medal at the European Juniors Championship. The event held last weekend (21-25 of May) in the prestigious Varese regatta … >>>


News at Salani home. After the spring, it comes the summer with its warm weather and longer days. The beautiful season inspires many people to stay out for walking, swimming and, especially for a … >>>


More stiffness! More comfort! More beautiful! The new SALANI Carbon rigger represents best Italian design. Design doesn’t mean only creating a beautiful boat, but it represents mainly the essence … >>>

Reserve your test-drive on the new Salani boats in Germany

The new Salani agent Karsten Bach, and manager of his company is already operative on German field and it will be at disposal for any kind of request. Salani with the precious help … >>>

Row with the new Salani pillow

The new branded Salani pillow for seat is an innovative rowing tools made 100% by silicon and designed in order to prevent the annoying issues of the natics during the training session. Moreover the … >>>

Salani Gig: gold medalist and record on field at Rehinmarathon!

5/12/2019 Good news from Germany! The last 5th of october the RC Saarbruken 1885 got goldmedalist at the important Rehinmarathon 2019 regatta that take place every year on the Reno river. The regatta … >>>

Great results for Salani Gig at Italian Sea Championship 2019

15/10/2019 In the last week-end has took part the 2019 Italian Sea Championship edtion in the beautiful place of Bardolino on Garda Lake. The regatta event has been managed by pretty good … >>>

New cover for boat and rigger!

Are now avaible the new models of hull and rigger bag with important innovation regarding the materials for its construction. Both bags have internal reinforcement with solid rudder skin to avoid … >>>

New rowing deck for single scull!

10/07/2019 The new model of the carbon rowing deck is now avaible and it will be ready for the whole Salani skiff gamma. This new design is charaterized by the presence of two lateral shelfs that … >>>

The new single scull for light-weight women is now avaible!

8/07/2019 Salani enlarges its single scull gamma launching the new single scull designed for light weight woman: 1x – 125. The new hull has the bow thinner than usual standard shape to facilitate the … >>>

New light-weight woman double, the best ally for your race!

18\01\2019 - The new woman's light weight double has arrived at Salani’s home. The hull has been designed and developped by Naval Ingeneer Dept. at University of Trieste make use of prestigious skills … >>>

Salani oars: the next choice!

6\12\2018 Seen the great request by Rowing Club and masters, about having good quality and cheap oars, we are proud to annunce a new kind of rowing oars by Salani, that match those needs. This oars … >>>

New Salani Gig: the evolution of the species

16/02/2018 Ten years have passed since Salani Boatyard launched the first Gig Boat. It was produced and delivered to a German club who needed of suitable boat for growing up its beginners and masters … >>>

Request the new spare parts catalogue!

13\02\2018 Technology innovation and product quality improvement have been always our main goals pre-established since the first years of business activity. It's our intention to transfer the … >>>

World Rowing Master Championship 2017

28\08\2017 Service reparation? fittings sobstitution?Coffee break? Came to meet our staff at Salani's stand at Bled race camp in occasion of World Rowing Master Championship event. Cordiality, … >>>

Pegaso Series gold with Tritium and Cus Torino

19\05\2017 Those were such good performance for italian crews rowed on Salani boats at National Meetings, traditional event of the first part of spring, that took place in Piediluco, the headquarter … >>>

Cover for sweep wing rigger – AC149W

      Cover for aluminium wing rigger. … >>>

Time for new deals

31\10\2016 Thanks to collaborations with new distributors Henrik Mortensen, from Denmarc, and Peter Nielsen, from Sweden, Salani will develop its presence in the Nord Europe, considered as important … >>>

European Master Championship 2016

05\07\2016 Service reparation? fittings sobstitution?Coffee break? Came to meet our staff at Salani's stand at Monaco race camp in occasion of European master Championship event.  Our service on field … >>>

Don’t try this at home!

19\04\2016 Salani has always been care about rowing event promoting. Even more if it meas to break up a new record or endurance rowing challenge. Recently it has been re-discovered that it was … >>>

Class belongs to few

30\12\2015 > How to look younger a single scull of 40 years old? This was the question of Salani team when an historical client ordered a refitting work for his own wooden single scull of 70's. High … >>>

Coastal Italian Championship 2015

17\10\2015 Recently has ended Italian Coastal Rowing Championship in Luino (Varese) and Salani boats got several medals in the many races classes. Good job by event organization who has delivered many … >>>

Trivella – Rodini choose Salani

22\06\2015 Gwangju, important city of South Corea, is going to host the next 17th Summer Universiade and onestly, its numbers are really good: we are talking about of 170 nations, 8 more than the last … >>>

Thomas Drucker is Salani-Distributor in Austria/Czech Republic/Hungary

16\06\2015 The last week end Salani renews the commercial collaboration with Mr. Thomas Drucker. After many year of excellent commercial relationship in Austria, Mr. Drucker will be Salani agent also … >>>

Coastal Salani superb at Challenge Prince Albert

19\02\2015 Extreme conditions and strong motivations need of boats what exceed beyond expectations the minimun quality standards that are trust, fast and safe. Salani Coastal Rowing did well at … >>>

Salani with Masserano and Trivella

14\01\2015 What do multi – medalist at WRC Eleonora Trivella and Greta Masserano and their coach Leonardo Antonini all have in common?They have choosen Salani single scull to face the next rowing … >>>

Salani coastal rowing: a new concept for sea rowing

10\10\2014 Salani Coastall Rowing: a new concept for rowing on sea World Rowing Coastal Championship is coming soon and Salani boatyard is getting ready to be present at this important event. Is … >>>

Salani coastal rowing superstar at Italian championship!

17\09\2014 Italian coastal rowing championship are ended recently and good results come at Salani's home. The organization of this event was very good thanks to the staff of Canottieri Pesare, city … >>>

Euro Master Championship 2014: Gold for Salani!

08\08\2014 The Euro Masters Regatta - season highlight for many! Almost 2000 athletes from 32 countries were racing at the Regatta Course Munich-Oberschleissheim. Among them was distinguished … >>>

New Gig at Salani’s home!

29\07\2014 “Deutschland uber alles” it doesn't just rapresent the beginning of German hymn, but also an important market for Salani boatyard which sees its olimpic boats and gigs protagonist of … >>>

Salani wins in Austria with Wing serie

12\06\2014 Great news from Thomas Drucker our new agent for Austria. Klagenfurt is a large international regatta on lake Worthersee in Austria which attracts a large number of athletes from … >>>

Pegaso gets gold medal in Turin again!

20\02\2014 Gold medal for Eugenio Zabolotnii, Cus Torino team, coached by Mauro Tontodonati. Eugenio has won in junior category beating the top Italian junior scullers on his new Pegaso single scull. … >>>

Salani gets East Europe!

04\01\2014 We are glad to communicate that the new Salani dealers in charge with Eastern Europe it is the S-Estate Ldt. situated in St. Petersburg. The new members of Salani team will cover Russia, … >>>

Row with new “Salani oars”

07\11\2013 It's ufficial! The new Salani training and touring oars are now avaible, after a long trial time, they are ready to be used by all of you. They are produced 100% Made in Italy, the new … >>>

Pegaso is Record!

09\09\2013 The Pegaso model, the last one born at Salani'home, was the protagonist at World Master Regatta 2013 in Varese, whitin the recent week. Francesco Rofi, great rower frend of Salani, is … >>>

World Rowing Master Regatta 2013

25\08\2013 Book your boat at World Rowing Master Regatta in Varese! Moreover, several Croker oars, scull and sweep, avaible for competitions.Salani will be present at Varese race camp ready in … >>>

Quality certified

In order to grant top quality Salani implements and carries out the quality managing system according to ISO standars. It represents an acknowledgment regarding Salani boatyard successes, what … >>>


Salani got great results at Silver Skiff 2012 in Turin. 16\11\2012 Particulary importance are the silver medalist Giulia Libè (Cernobbio) in Silver Skiff and the gold medalist Clara Guerra … >>>


02\10\2012 Salani is proud present the new pillow for seat rowing. It was developed to eliminate the pains on the buttock which unfortunatly make rowing unconfortable and inefficency. The pillow is … >>>


19\09\2012 Since 16th September and during the two months of October and November Salani offers a special discount on Crokers oars as follow: sculls: S2 Super Light -8% ; S4 Full Carbon (silver … >>>


03\09\2012 Salani is proud to show the new Gig series with 2 seats convertible in 3. The new Gigs will be lunched in the market the next autumn. The materials and production processes are the same … >>>


12\06\2012 Dear rower, and everybody who love Rowing. Has been a long time when Eastern Germany CCCP won WRC's throught their rowing technical knomn in all over the world. Since that time many … >>>