New light-weight woman double, the best ally for your race!

18\01\2019 – The new woman’s light weight double has arrived at Salani’s home. The hull has been designed and developped by Naval Ingeneer Dept. at University of Trieste make use of prestigious skills and competence of prof. Ing. Mauro Francesco and Dott. Ing. Panteca Rosario. It rapresents the sum of the highest skills in naval engeneer field and the long experience in composite production rowing boat belong to Salani boatyards.
The main goal of this project was to create and design a new type of hull for woman’s light weight trought a more efficent distribution of the volumes and wet surface. The new geometry of the hull has to plummeted the total drag to make join the boat in the high performance olympic class.

Trought many studies and tests by CFD and potential calculate the total idrodinamic drag has drop significally. The second step of the project has been to compare the average power of female high livell rower with the effective potential of the new hull. The result in comparing the old hull with the new one has been a steadly drop of power in order of 10%, to cover 2000 mt distance race.

The new 224 is:
• Quickly to reach the peak of speed
• Higher average speed race
• Less power wasting

Technical dates:
• Wet surface – 7%
• Total idrodinamic drag – 11%
• Lenght 9.03 mt
• Withd 0.34 mt
• Weight of boat 27 kg (in accordance with FISA rules)
• Crew weight 45-65 kg
• Rigger avaible: monotube, alu pegaso, alu wing, traditional alu

• Stroke\speed coach
• Cover for boat
• Cover for riggers
• Bat logic foot
• Ghost foot
• Croker oars
• Salani oars
• Pillow for rowing seat
• Carbon fin
• Hull customization
The colore of the hull could be customized on request by RAL code.

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