More stiffness! More comfort! More beautiful!
The new SALANI Carbon rigger represents best Italian design.

Design doesn’t mean only creating a beautiful boat, but it represents mainly the essence of combining technical functionality, ergonomic design, structural as well as constructional requirements. The talent of a designer is to manage in a balanced way all these requirements creating something unique in its genre and we proudly can say, that all these facts have been matched by our new SALANI Carbon rigger.

The new design of the SALANI Carbon rigger is distinguished for its particular shape and variable geometry designed in order to minimise the deformations of the rigger during the stroke. This new design guarantees more stiffness than any other rigger having similar shape and weight.

More stiffness means more performance in Watt and means consequently more reactivity and speed for the boat.
The carbon fibers, used for the production of the frame, are state of the art being experiences in aerospace industrial applications.

The whole frame is produced in pre-preg carbon by means of vacuum curing in autoclave processes.

The new SALANI Carbon Fibre rigger can also be mounted to existing PEGASO race shells. Inquiries indicating the Boat Number may be directed to :

The pin on the end of each rigger arm is mounted to the frame thanks to a particular system of hilt that permits to regulate all the necessary regulations required by the rower. Thus, the height of the gates, distance between the pins and the side inclination of the pins can be quickly and easily changed, if need will be.

All design and production of the new SALANI Carbon rigger is granted to be 100% Made in Italy !

We will be glad to answer your enquiries at

Below, the viedo promo the new Carbon Pegaso set up on our PC105 single scull for rower of 75-85 kg:

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