New Salani Gig: the evolution of the species

16/02/2018 Ten years have passed since Salani Boatyard launched the first Gig Boat. It was produced and delivered to a German club who needed of suitable boat for growing up its beginners and masters teams.
Since then we have been caring to those principal needs of the club regarding development their rowing activities. We have decided to invest in building Gig boats designing new models to satisfied the ongoing requests of the clubs.

A long way full of strengths, thanks to it we become the first rowing boatyard able to built the widest gamma of carbon Gig in the world.

Actually, the fleet of Gig in production got a considerable number of models: we are talking about of the ones with two rowers convertible in three, the most produced Gig 4x+\4+ to the most completed 4+\4x+\5x.

But, we have gone over! We have designed a new lighter, stiffness and more trustworthy line of Gigs thanks to new technologies processes construction and more attractive design for the cockpit with new finishes in mat carbon.

Furthermore the aluminium wing rigger dotation make possible a longer life of the boat, more comfort for the strokes and performance regarding speed and stability. More, it allows easier measures regulations!
We are very proud about this project begun several years ago. The strongest interesting year after year and the coming orders confirms are repaying our efforts made so far and they prove that we have designed a boat that satisfy wholly the needs of the clubs
And the best is yet to come…

For more information about prices, optional items available and hull customizations please contact or call +39 (0)571 57062.

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