Reserve your test-drive on the new Salani boats in Germany

The new Salani agent Karsten Bach, and manager of his company is already operative on German field and it will be at disposal for any kind of request. Salani with the precious help of Saarrowing has put at disposal several boats for who whish to test on water the new models product in Limite sull’Arno. The fleet is stocked in Saarbrucken and it is composed by two Gig 4x+ aluminium wing riggers, one double W224 for light weight women 45-65 kg with aluminium wing rigger, on double W201 for 75-85 kg with aluminum wing rigger and one single scull Pegaso P104 with bow aluminium wing rigger for 85-100 kg.

Pic.1 -Special design of P104 to celebrate the 70° anniversary

At the end of June will be avaible the new Pegaso carbon bow wing rigger that enlarge the gamma of boats helpful for free test-row on Saar river. It would be possible to write to Mr. Karsten Bach to to reserve one test session without extra cost. The official Salani color is the lite blu. With extraprice is possible to paint the boat with anyelse RAL code avaible in the market. Special design, like the one showed in photo 1-2, are avaible under request and it will be quotated in function of dimension and quantity. All Salani production is monitorated by well skilled employees with full experience in composite sector since many years. Thier know-how grant to the boats high quality and reliability. On all boats are grant 3 years of warranty at prove of  high reliability of Salani boats. Moreover Saarrowing manage a wide gamma of service for customer as for example the sobstitution of rowing spare parts, the sells of DIBI rowing shoes, GHOST system by DIBI and reparetions of boats for all customers that has damaged their own boats. For any kind of question Karsten Bach will be at your disposal at

Pic.2 – P104 in action on Saar river

We would like to remember that Saarrowing manage the too. It is training camp for ambicous master who want to encrise their performance and rowing techcnic. The first training camp will start the next September in Saarbruecken and it will move to Gavirate lake for the next edition that will take part in May 2021, according to rules anti-covid19 spread.

Below a video promo which shows the new Salani P104 special – design


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