Salani Gig: gold medalist and record on field at Rehinmarathon!

5/12/2019 Good news from Germany! The last 5th of october the RC Saarbruken 1885 got goldmedalist at the important Rehinmarathon 2019 regatta that take place every year on the Reno river. The regatta is specific to the Gig boats and it has a distance of 42,800 km from Leverkusen to Dusseldorf. The category race was master woman D and, despite the rough conditions of water and weather, they cut the finish line on Salani hull Gig 4x+ winning the race. The good news are not over here. Infact the crew not only has easly beat the rivals but has got the record on field too with the time of 2h and 35 minutes. We are so proud and satisfatied of the result at prove that the recent innovations on our Gig are bringing the outcomes whished

Congratulations to the coach and atleths!

Below some pictures of the crew during the race

Below some pictures of the crew during the race.

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