The new single scull for light-weight women is now avaible!

8/07/2019 Salani enlarges its single scull gamma launching the new single scull designed for light weight woman: 1x – 125.
The new hull has the bow thinner than usual standard shape to facilitate the penetration of the boat in the water, “U” stern section to avoid pronounced vertical movements and a central section flatter to get more lift, decreasing the wet surface in order to reduce the drag of water.
The main advantages of the new single scull concern higher peak of speed, more stable and reactivity. The average weight for rower is 45-65 kg.
More over the hull will be avaible for Pegaso P-125, Wing W-125, Carbon C-125 and Elite E-125.

Below the video-promo of the new single scull full custom:

Technical features:
• Length 7.40 mt.
• Width 0,26 mt.
• Weight 13,5\14 kg
• Average weight rower 45-65 kg

Features included in the price:
• Standard hull color: Salani light blu
• Ultra-solid paint
• Double carbon reinforcement in strategic points where the rower download the forces
• Double carbon skin reinforced and honeycomb to get more stiffness
• Carbon reinforcemnt in the cover to get more stiffness
• Post cure at high temperature
• High resistance epoxy resin
• Rowing deck build in autoclave
• Against rowing shoes
• High quality stainless stell hardware

Feature under request:
• Carbon bar for footstrecher to get more stiffnees
• New rowing deck for single scull
• Speed coach\stroke coach
• Cover for oras – 100% Made in Italy
• Cover for boat – 100% Made in Italy
• Ghost footstracther
• Bat logic footstratcher
• Salani oars
• Croker oar
• Pillow for rowing seat
• Carbon fin
• Boat color customization with any RAL code

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