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The hull is composed by honeycomb carbon and Kevlar textiles, placed to form a sandwich structure. All the elements are made with the autoclave.
We always look for new and sophisticated materials to improve the hull performance.
Available configuration: Traditional, Wing and Carbon.
Depending on requirements we can put the cox’s lodging in the stern.
Standard colour: Sky-blue (extra charge for any other colour RAL)
Weight and norms FISA GUARANTEED.
Guaranteed for 3 years.

Technical sheet

BoatMold numberAthletes (Kg)Length (m)Width (cm)
W818C818T818 70-8016,8556
W812C812T812 80-9517,656

On request and as a special production, we also manufacture racing rowing boats with traditional internal frames and tubular strut brackets made from aluminum tubes welded together. Please specify your request, which we will be happy to process!

Wing Series

The boats that belong to series Wing are fixed with the wing-rigger in anodized aluminium.
The hull is designed without internal shoulders and has got reinforced sides where the rower discharges his strength.
The hulls and the covers of Wing collection are produced using carbon fibres, Kevlar textile and epoxy resins.
A fantastic relation between lightness and stiffness distinguishes our boats, thanks to the use of “honeycomb” textile, that also guarantees an extra hardiness of the hull.
We use epoxy resins, that are often used in aeronautical and automotive fields.
The hull and its components are subjected to catalyst processes (hot and airtight processes) that provide an excellent result in lightness and stiffness.
The internal components (ultralight carbon trucks with ball bearing chassis, rowing deck, bulkhead etc) are manufactured using prepregnated carbon, baked in autoclave.
The multilayer and carbon foot stretcher is adjustable (in height and list) and has shoes.
Weight and norms are guaranteed FISA.
Standard colour: Sky-Blue


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