Salani coastal rowing: a new concept for sea rowing

10\10\2014 Salani Coastall Rowing: a new concept for rowing on sea

World Rowing Coastal Championship is coming soon and Salani boatyard is getting ready to be present at this important event.
Is our whish to communicate Marco Fabbi’s impressions, 3 Italian Coastall Rowing Championship and developper of Salani Coastall Rowing, about C1X:

“Carbon fibers trasmitt the strenght of rower to the hull very well, so the boat runs fast and rowing onboard is very easy. Pitch is decreased thanks to innovative design of the hull. On flat sea the boat runs clear and quickly as also in rough seas the boat is able to mantains speed without wedging the wave.
The boat is very stable on the waves too so the rower can’t find any difficult to be longer and strong in case of few balance. The particular bow shape grants stability and the rower can get a confortable position at the catch.
If boat rides wave, hull mantains a wide edge of the bow out from the water thanks to lift strenght under the hull: it permitts to go over the waves quickly whitout suffering and mantaining high speed in the running.
In definitly it rappresents the ideal boat for rowing ..finally a true coastal rowing single scull!”

Impressions match very well Salani Coastall concept.

In the double Salani has gone over…
C2X project was born as natural evolution of C1X: the core concept is the same. Moreover the hull has been improved in performance and processes construction. The main focus of the project was optimaze the unloading and trasmission stregths to the hull thanks to alluminium wing rigger and to connection system hill – foot which makes rowers better connected to the boat.
To grant the navigation on optimal longitudinal asset is possible to set rower’s measures with wide possibility of regolations.
Aspect highly innovative, is the dinamic emptying set under the deck of the bow man, which permits, in case wave gets in the boat, to eject the water from the boat without any engagemt by the rower. This system exploits Venturi principles.

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