IN THE HEART OF TUSCANY: Salani’s boatyard is situated in Limite sull’Arno, a little village, 20 km far from Florence, placed in the Tuscany country, in the famous area of Chianti.

Salani is the only producer of boats, who is hedged with a historical context where are born artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Lorenzo il Magnifico, Michelangelo and also Donatello, internationally renowned.

This area also offers culinary specialities as wine and oil, served with meat: the famous ‘bistecca alla fiorentina’.

Moreover, our countryside and our hills give a magic sight of Tuscany, well known in all the other countries.

When you row one of our boat, you row the real Tuscan excellence.

We like to believe that the genius of Leonardo da Vinci left a big inheritance in everything that is produced and planned in our area. We also like to believe that if Leonardo had thought to a racing boat, this one would have had ,doubtless, the features of a Salani boat.

Rowing a Salani boat is rowing a part of tuscan history.
Rowing a Salani boat is rowing the real tuscan excellence.

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