Salani boats and Customers services have been achieved the quality certified ISO 9001: the certificated is not mandatory, demostrating that Salani has been wanted strongly it to grant top quality standards for our Customers.

Quality for boats and service is priority at Salani’s yard. It is confirmed by satisfaction of our Customer in decades of history, since Salani’s foundation in 1950; the ISO 9001 Certified represents a further confirmation of our quality product and service, got it recently.
The International Certification ISO 9001 has been created by Organization for Standardization that has the goal to indentify the requirements that a company should adopt in its organization to grant top standards in managing the quality.
Adoption ISO Certified is not mandatory. Salani has decided to adopted it to encrise the efficiency of own Customer service and growing up the Customer satisfaction.
The ISO Certified is a further grant and affidability way to all stakeholders and collaborators, who expect the best ever, in an international background like the rowing world one.
To get the ISO certification have been analyzed all processes and activities for boats production and Customer services considering materials, tools and timing to come up to the Customer’s expectations

down fileload pdf CERTIFICATE ISO 9001 2008 file
download pdf QUALITY POLICE

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