Croker Sculls


Arrow S39

  • S39 shafts are made using high modulus carbon, recently used in the America’s Cup boats. They use multiple layers of thin carbon plies at various angles to achieve a balance of strength, stiffness, torsional stiffness and are very light weight. The S39 has less aerodynamic drag than normal shafts and because they weigh less has less rotational inertia.

  • Weight 1250 g, the lighter of whole Croker gamma.

  • New Slick Arrow blade, thinner and lighter than normal blades. It allows clearer exit and enter of the blade from the water. Moreover its special design incrises the lockup of the blade underwater imporving efficiency of the stroke.

  • Adjustable handle 

  • Adjustable lenght, 286\292 cm.
  • Post sales service for riparation on shaft, blade, sleeve and fitting sostitution.


      • World-class sculls for elite crews.
      • Weight 1430 g
      • Slick Blade
      • Adjustable grip with choice of size


      • FULL CARBON top-of-the-line shafts with exceptional balance
      • Weight 1380 g
      • Slick Blade
      • Adjustable grip with choice of size

S6 (7,20)

      • Economical shaft for learners and youth rowers
      • Weight 1800 g
      • Macon Blade
      • Solid wood grip

Shaft(Elite)S4 Stiff – S4 Soft – S2 Stiff – S2 Soft Learners) S3 – S5 – S6
Macon – Cleaver Blades

      • Green: smooth XL
      • Gray: XL
      • Blue: L
      • Yellow: M
      • Pink: S
      • Assymetrical carbon handle
      • Solid wood

Ufficial sculling Croker Oars page!rowing-shafts/c1r55

Croker Sculls: Photogallery

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