Born in 1950, Salani Costruzioni Nautiche (Salani Nautical Constructions) has 2000 mq of productive space and skilled workers, producing a vast range of boats, that are writing the history of rowing: tangible proves are the gold medals, won by hundreds of international teams with our boats.






Our purpose is being involved in the improvement and development of rowing, providing our experience, inspired by ideals and values, based on respect, consideration and individual ambitions.


Thanks to our experience, constant innovation, that are fundamental principles of our company policy, and thanks to a skilled staff, we want us to become known,  providing boats, accessories and technical services, characterized by high quality and designed to obtain important results both national and international.

Organization Chart

Owners: Leonardo Salani – Elia Salani

Product and quality director: Leonardo Salani –

Public relations officer: Lorenzo Zito –

Business and communication director: Elia Salani –

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