Footstretcher fittings

Nylon tube wedge toothed larger PP13

Nylon ratchet runner. … >>>

Stretcher nylon pipe ratchet PP12

Stretcher nylon pipe ratchet. … >>>

Nylon heel PP22

Nylon heel for miniskiff. … >>>

Triangular stainless support PP11

Triangular stainless support for stretcher. … >>>

“Salani” tie shoes PP38

"Salani" tie shoes. … >>>

Rudder sistem set PP27

Rudder system set. … >>>

Nylon washer PP24

  Nylon washer for high stretcher. … >>>

Carbon plate 7 holes PP33

Carbon plate with 7 holes. … >>>

Carbon plate six holes PP04

Carbon plate with 6 holes. Measures: 260- 270 mm. … >>>

Plywood + carbon plate PP30

Plywood + carbon plate. … >>>

Miniskiff completed foot stretcher PP19


Foot stretcher with rudder system PP02

Carbon foot stretcher with rudder system and Against shoes. Under request we can set up JL shoes. (page under construction) … >>>

Foot stretcher complted PP01

Foot stretcher with Against shoes. Under request we can set up JL shoes (page under construction) … >>>

Against pair shoes + plate PP46

Nike pair shoes with carbon plate. Before confirmation to specify if 6 or 7 holes. … >>>

Sheath for cable wheelhouse PP18

Sheath for cable wheelhouse. … >>>

Stainless cylindrical wing PP25

Stainless cylindrical wing 6x60. … >>>

Stainless cynlindrical wing PP26

Stainless cylindrical wing 6x40. … >>>

Rack close tooth PP17

Rack close tooth long side. … >>>

Rack large tooth PP05

Rack large tooth long side. … >>>

Foot stretcher nylon belt PP21

Foot stretcher nylon belt. … >>>

Rack stainless bolt PP15

Rack stainless bolt 6x50 … >>>

Stainless bolt for rack PP14

Stainless bolt for rack. … >>>