Rigger fittings

Quick release BS49

Quiock release for wing rigger. Avaible with every Wing and Pegaso boat. … >>>

Alluminium telescopic BS39

Anodized alluminium telescopic. … >>>

Black nylon hatch BS27

Black nylon hatch to cover the pin. … >>>

Alluminiun plate 60×43

Alluminium plate thickness 60x43 rigger hull with two holes. … >>>

Alluminiun plate 43×43 BS43

Alluminium plate thickness 43x43 rigger-hull with two holes. … >>>

Carbon backstays (long part) BS61

Pre-peg carbon backstays long part . … >>>

Completed carbon backstays BS62

Completed pre-peg carbon backstays with alluminium anodized clam and telescopic. … >>>

Completed busher set BS15

Completed nylon busher set. Before confirmation to specify if sculling or sweep. … >>>

Completed oarlock with bushes BS10

Completed oarlock nylon with bushes set. Before confirmation to specify if scull or sweep. … >>>

Steel hexagonal nut BS18

Alluminium washer for pin 25x13x4 mm. … >>>

Nylon washer BS16

Nylon washer for pin oarlck pin regulation. Washer depth: mm.2 … >>>

Washer for height regulation BS36

Nylon washer for oarlck height regulation. … >>>

Steel pin BS08

Steel pin. Before confirmation to specify if scull or sweep. … >>>

Completed set oarlock BS28

 Completed set of nylon oarlock with inox pin,  bushes set, nylon washer for high regolation and inox bolts.  Before confirmation to specify if scull or sweep. … >>>

Butterfly for oarlck

Nylon butterfly for closing oarlock system. … >>>

Stainless steel clam BS07

 Stainless steel clam for backstay. … >>>

Miniskiff wing rigger BS50

Miniskiff alluminium wing rigger anodized without backstays and oarlock set. … >>>

Monotube sweep carbon BS32

Monotube sweep carbon with oarlock set and carbon butthole. … >>>

Monotube scull BS31

Scull monotube with oarlock set and buttonhole. … >>>

Pegaso alluminium rigger BS60

>Pegaso alluminium rigger without rigger set and backstays. … >>>

Sweep wing rigger BS04

Alluminium wing rigger with rigger set and backstays. … >>>

Scull wing rigger BS03

Alluminium scull wing rigger with rigger set and backstays. … >>>

Sweep rigger 4 stays BS01

Alluminum sweep rigger 4 stays. … >>>

Scull rigger 3 stays

Alluminium scull rigger 3 stays. … >>>

Scull rigger 4 stays BS35

Alluminium scull rigger 4 stays. … >>>

Pegaso rigger buttonhole BS55

Alluminium buttonhole for Pegaso rigger. … >>>

Carbon haft BS25

Carbon haft for carbon and pegaso rigger. … >>>

Ring for telescopic BS35

Ring for telescopic anodised. … >>>