Racing Boats

Our ships are characterized by a great development and evolution of materials (from wood to carbon; form iron to pre-peg carbon), that guarantees a high quality.

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Second-hand Area

Second hand boats list

Avaible now the second hand boat list and booking rules downloadable: - List … >>>

Sea Boats

A fleet of sea boats, made of glass resin, suitable for wave motions, marked to row in the highest safety and comfort.

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Coastal Rowing Area

Extreme design, radical technology and excellence performace featured our Coastal Rowing boats...

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Customer Service

  • Pre and after sales support
  • Assessment used boats
  • Assessment wooden boat
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Training Ships

A fleet composed by miniskiff, euroskiff and Gig ,perfect to solve all types of problems for those, who approach the boat racing.

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Coastal Salani superb at Challenge Prince Albert

19\02\2015 Extreme conditions and strong motivations need of boats what exceed beyond expectations the minimun quality standards … >>>

Pegaso Carbon 231

Salani with Masserano and Trivella

14\01\2015 What do multi – medalist at WRC Eleonora Trivella and Greta Masserano and their coach Leonardo Antonini all have in … >>>


Salani coastal rowing: a new concept for sea rowing

10\10\2014 Salani Coastall Rowing: a new concept for rowing on sea World Rowing Coastal Championship is coming soon and Salani … >>>


Salani coastal rowing superstar at Italian championship!

17\09\2014 Italian coastal rowing championship are ended recently and good results come at Salani's home. The organization of … >>>