Racing Boats

Our ships are characterized by a great development and evolution of materials (from wood to carbon; form iron to pre-peg carbon), that guarantees a high quality.

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Second-hand Area

Second hand boats list

Avaible now the second hand boat list and booking rules downloadable: - List … >>>

Sea Boats

A fleet of sea boats, made of glass resin, suitable for wave motions, marked to row in the highest safety and comfort.

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Customer Service

  • Pre and after sales support
  • Assessment used boats
  • Assessment wooden boat
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Training Ships

A fleet composed by miniskiff, euroskiff and Gig ,perfect to solve all types of problems for those, who approach the boat racing.

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Euro Master Championship 2014: Gold for Salani!

08\08\2014 The Euro Masters Regatta - season highlight for many! Almost 2000 athletes from 32 countries were racing at the … >>>


New Gig at Salani’s home!

29\07\2014 “Deutschland uber alles” it doesn't just rapresent the beginning of German hymn, but also an important market … >>>

W106 100% total black

Salani wins in Austria with Wing serie

12\06\2014 Great news from Thomas Drucker our new agent for Austria. Klagenfurt is a large international regatta on lake … >>>

pagaso cus to

Pegaso gets gold medal in Turin again!

20\02\2014 Gold medal for Eugenio Zabolotnii, Cus Torino team, coached by Mauro Tontodonati. Eugenio has won in junior category … >>>