Carbon Pegaso Silver-medalist at European Junior Champioship!

The young rower of Italian Federation Aurora Spirito wins an important silver medal at the European Juniors Championship. The event held last weekend (21-25 of May) in the prestigious Varese regatta field.

The Italian athlete, currently in force at Canottieri Gavirate, fought a breathtaking race, from the first to the last meter; a crescendo of emotions with no holds barred that saw her as the undisputed protagonist against top level opponents.
A tactical race for Aurora. While the opponents were all in line and fierce, meter by meter, the shrewd Italian rower waited for the second part of the race to turn on the turbo and change gear.
Preparation, determination and talent were the winning axes on which the blue athlete built her comeback, managing to prevail over the strong Swiss opponent to stop the chronometer a breath away from gold, won by the Greek athlete. A breath that lasted only 17 hundredths of a second!

A trifle that will certainly be the fuel to motivate Aurora in order to do better and get improvements in view of the next international events.

Warmest congratulations to Aurora and her coach Massimo Casula.

A heartfelt thanks from the whole Salani team, proud of having provided to the Italian rower a winning ally as the single Carbon Pegaso, Salani’s flagship.

In the photos the blue athlete on the single, CP106 mould

Photo – Mimmo Perna ©


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