Save space, time and… coronary arteries!

“Could you give me the hex wrench please?”, Did you put the hex wrench in the tools bag?” we have missed all the hex wrench, can you go to Salani stand to ask if they could borrow one?”, “guys, pay attention to the surface of the hull when you will put the boat on the boats racks”.

How many times we have been listening to this kind of sentences: i.g. on regatta fields, in setting the riggers on boats, before the general check of the nuts before a race. Common sentences said whom love this sport mostly by rowers, coaches or team manager. The suddenly missing of hex wrench from tools bag, especially in important moment of a regatta rowing trip, is a commonly problem in rowing community and it could cause significantly stressful. As well as the damages on the hull caused by lack of attention when boats are put on their shelfs.

Since many years Salani offer a quick solution to face better the regatta trips, to optimize the space into the hangar of the rowing clubs in order to last the life of rower, coaches and team manager’s coronary arteries.

The quick release last generation, produced wholly in anodized alloy aluminum, is the right substitution of bolts, nuts and washer. Infact the action of the small lever set inside the aluminum shape permits to lock or unlock quickly the rigger to the edge of the boat avoiding the usage of further wrench when the boat is stocked on field or when is on the water.

Thanks to its rapid action the riggers could be removed after single training on water in order to be free the hull by awkward object like a wing rigger and to get more operation space avoiding frustrating damage as the cracks on the surface of the hull caused by rubbing of the head of the pin.

Moreover, the new quick release is lighter than the latest models and it could be set on the rowing plate too in order to facilitate its moving avoiding anyelse block of the standars nuts on the ratched tracks.


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