News at Salani home.
After the spring, it comes the summer with its warm weather and longer days. The beautiful season inspires many people to stay out for walking, swimming and, especially for a rower, grab the boat and hit the waters…
Approaching the beginning of the beautiful season Salani has decided to implement some updates on the Euroskiff gamma, the first model for recreational use produced at Salani boatyard, lunched and affirmed on the market more than twenty years ago.
The new updates regard the design and technology area. The main goals are to increase the performance of the hull and make the boat more safety for beginners and for whom who wish to row with fun in totally safety.
Looking at the details, the new technologies concern the use of new pre-preg carbon fibers used in the construction of rowing deck in order to get more stiffness at the same weight. Moreover, we’d like to remember that the carbon fiber, nomex, epoxy resin and construction processes are the same of the Olympic class.
Further innovative step is the use of the new aluminum profile, that is the same o used in our Olympic class. The new profile is featured with ultraperformance magnesium and aluminum alloy that increase significantly its strengthens and stiffness.
Finally (but not for less importance) is the “raised cockpit” designed for all and in order to facilitate the entry and the way out from the boat. This option is avaible under request.

Technical details:
– length 6,80 mt.
– width 0,48 mt.
– weight 17,5/18 kg
– backstays (avaible on request with extraprice)
– “raised cockpit (avaible on request with extraprice)
– standard color: Salani lite blue. Extraprice for other color.

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